Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Economy Taxonomy.

I was supposed to do a business essay after 12 today, but yeah, mad ass Macca video. Fuck Farrer this year.

I was supposed to do a business essay when I got home at 240, but yeah, I don't actually remember what happened until about 6 when I had dinner. Disturbing.

I was supposed to do a business essay, but I chose to have a shot at winning 35$ with this:

Potential App Icon.
By the way, the only thing I did in this image was add some outlines, gradients and that fancy arcing circle in the background. So yeah, pretty much nothing.

Here, have some music.
Intro ends at 1:40.
Vocals are... retarded, but good retarded.
As in, I couldn't imagine this song differently.

Sparks from the fire rise up to the sky
Higher and higher oh I want to fly
Out of the story this time I'll be free
Wake up for a moment from that dream of me

Just a legend cold words on a page
Lift up my eyes and I'm soaring away
On silver wings spread out to the sun
I'm leaving this city for the skies above.

O'er the ruins an ancient light
Never lost, never failing
Follow me on my path to the heights
Before the shadows fade into night

Running back but I'm out of time.
I could tell everything
Hear the words that fill my mind
How can I say she was mine

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