Monday, February 8, 2010


I'd like to think I'm a good person, but the execution of 'kind deeds' on my part always falls short of even 'fair', and leaves itself only in the abyss of 'detrimental', laying perceptions to be wrought upon others as to my being, being of ill-will.

There are people, that are the opposite, and I assure myself, I would rather be unfortunate and good willed, than fortunate and ill-willed. There are people who are perceived and claim themselves as saviours within this world, yet the vile and disgusting interludes their brain concocts will seed their actions into the sins of greed and envy. Selfish.

I'd like to think of myself of selfless, but psychologist and philosophers of these times believe selflessness is a state of either depression or non-existence - that, the world is too cruel to even have people that don't care for themselves, but only others - and in that regard, that caring not for ones self is fundamentally 'wrong', that caring for others, and not yourself is 'WRONG AND UNCALLED FOR'.

It is all the same to me - my heart is filled with nothing, but dust, and sand.
- Death, Hellboy 2

Antistar - Massive Attack


wolf said...

youve awoken the best from hisslumber

frankly, philosophers DO infact say that life should be about maximising our happiness and things that are good in and of themselves ( such as increasing knowledge, friends, happiness etc)

But I can't say I will agree with you on the fact that to be selfless is a state of non existence. It would logically appear to be that you would have more of an existence on this earth, that is, you would have more of an impact across your peers than have you not be selfless. Having said that, I would agree that it is a state of depression - CONTEXT - .

Strabo said...

Ayn Rand would agree with you there, Quoc. She said that altruism - the idea of supporting others at the expense of yourself - is fundamentally wrong. She used the examples of Feudalism, Communism, socialism of any sort to prove that whatever societies are built around serving others or a collective, end up crushing the individual, and - importantly for her philosophy of Objectivism - removing personal choice.

She believed that morality only applies when there are choices to be made, and that removing choice also removes people's capacity to do good. Look it up.

Kuoke said...

Any Random? ANY RANDOM?!
That name is, I shall say, PREPOSTEROUS.

But my personal choice is lacking. I don't really do anything for myself because I don't have any 'needs'. On that note, I don't rely on others because I loathe dependence.

So, you know, it's either altruism, or go around punching people in the face. Y'know, for shits and giggles. Preferably the latter.


dannwas said...

Hey Quoc,
If you didn't know, which i assume you do coz you know everything on the net, Massive Attack released Heliogland just last week, which includes their single Splitting The Atom.
Rush Minute is something definitely worth listening to.

Kuoke said...

Yeah, I just got that album as well. Rush minute and Atlas Air yeah, good songs - and to some extent Paradise circus.

I thought Massive attack died ages ago, but yeah, there you have it.