Thursday, February 25, 2010

But I'm Not A Leprechaun.

Discussion with Norris
- Permission to use the crest anywhere. - I think that he thought we were talking about jerseys and not hoodies.
- He told us the ways around, ie; we have to talk to the Jersey committee - of whom the P&C will whole heartedly listen to. - He took a period and a bit to explain how incredibly bad of an idea it is to get 2 separate leavers apparel.
- He totally digs the idea. -"No Hoodies".

Apparently he's like the boss you thought was the main bad guy, but then when you thought you killed him, it turns out that some other, more eviler force was controlling him the whole time and then he transforms into some super mega boss form - And that always fucking sucks.

I'm checking all the worst case scenarios as of right now - I've emailed the business again to ask for the comparative price differences if we ordered the minimum of 25 or 50 or 75 if we magically get that many people.

On a side note, I didn't want to sound repetitive so I also asked him for the cost of printing Pro Patria and Shove It shirts for Country Fair if we decide to go along with that.

I'll update on prices when I get them.


genvinout said...

you asked him about shirts? when?

word veri: dictiona

Kuoke said...

...Wait, did I structure that properly? It's a continuation of the part where I emailed the printing place for a quote.

If not, I asked him like an hour ago.