Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The wings looked good on virtual paper, but they seem to clutter the entire design despite their border like essence bringing out the '10'.

I reworked Classical Retro and remade in a more Intimidation type proportion, thus resulting in New Age Retro - Of which, I'm leaning towards in preference.

Additional content:
On the topic of classical music, I don't listen to it, but the modernised versions on the other hand, are always good. And because I'm such a whore, I'm going to [again] advertise the awesomeness, that is E.S. Posthumus:

This is pretty much what I listen to when I draw.
Because it makes everything awesome.


Strabo said...

Okay, the direct comparison really helps.

Point the first: The chooks would be mostly irrelevant anyway considering that the hoodie covers them

Point the second: Yeah, black on navy doesn't really cut it for me, which leads to

Point the third: I'd like to lock in D, Eddie, for the million dollar question. The confusingly named 'New Age Retro.'

Kuoke said...

It used to be called 'Classical Retro'.

...If that's any consolation.