Monday, February 15, 2010


Yo peeps, any one else see Daria getting bitchy over the student organised formal?
I thought it was fucking hilarious, so much so, I laughed out loud.

I think it's funny that people actually WANT attention from helping people.
It fundamentally goes into 'doing it for the fame', but in reality, you end up getting people that act upon their desire to fulfill fabricated wants of others - they think they know what the helpees want, but they really really don't.

That's why you get masked superheroes, they know their shit.

Fuck being thanked, acknowledgement of self is the least of your worries.


dannwas said...

Resume's (resu-mays)

Kuoke said...

Fuck resumes, employers are fuckwads if all they employ you for is for what you've DONE, and not what you CAN DO.

Skill > Background.