Saturday, February 13, 2010

In My City.

You know what I realised? We wouldn't need to print 2 x 2 colour images, I could just get rid of the black and have it transparent so the parts that were black would just be navy from the actual hoodie material - I'm pretty sure this could get it down to near 30-40$.

Lunar New Year.
Reluctantly went to grandparents house to take photos. Told me mum to bring me back home after that was done because the rest of it was unecessary. Yep.
My mum told me that it's going to be a shit year for monkey (zodiac) because it's a tiger year. Good luck with HSC bitches. She told me to pray in front of a shrine/buddhist thing, so I got on my knees and thought, verbatim:
"Wait, how do you pray?, ... Uh yeah, bro, you've been pretty much a giant dick to be for the last couple of years - I don't really give a shit if you do or don't do anything. Yeah. Ok, what do I do now? *pause for 10 seconds*".
So I didn't ask for anything, I just acted all passive aggressive.


Did I mention this program is literally orgasmic. Like, if I could, I'd stick my dick in it. I'll probably actually buy it, because the programs so obscure that I can't find a key for it, and it's just too good. 30 day trial is dwindling down, I'll see if the clock rewind works though - it's like time travelling on a virtual scale.

Though of the day.
A secret turns into a fantasy when kept by one.


Money money money money money money, money is the root of all evil.

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