Friday, February 19, 2010

Come Gather 'Round.

Apparently the design on the hoodie page is too 'intimidating' or 'unapproachable' as said by some. Also " I wouldn't wear a hoodie with farm animals on it around Cab ".


genvinout said...

bullshit you wouldn't wear a hoodie with farm animals on it around cab. i like but im not 100% sure about the pro patria text, but im not sure how else youd do it

Kuoke said...

Yeah I know, I totally would.
I think the pro pat is a bit big, so I dunno, would the whole thing be solidly good if the propat was smaller?

dannwas said...

You should get this done quickly so people can wear them before hoodies

Kuoke said...

You mean jerseys?
Apparently the majority has already paid, so we're pretty fucked in that regard.

Strabo said...

I liked the other one more. Also I have no shame, and wouldn't walk around Cab full stop. So yeah.

I'm just waiting to give you money, Quoc, just give me that opportunity.

Strabo said...

Also, the multiple farm animals plus the expressions on their face were clearly satirical in nature, while this one could be semi-serious. I'd go with funny rather than Sydney Roosters meet Brisbane Broncos.

Also, if anything, the bloodied and demented "Pro Patria" looks MORE intimidating,

On the other hand, this one's simpler, plus more year specific. On the other, other hand, the other one is easily identifiable with Hurlstone, because of the animals. Hell, I'm like Vishnu here, because on the other, other, OTHER hand, you're the artist, so you should just pick the one you like regardless of whether it looks confrontational or footbally or whatever.