Monday, February 1, 2010

Creative Syrup.

I'm going to change the thing from technically 14 pages to [something].
I thought of 72 pages because I'd think that'd be a minimum for a 'graphic novel', though the term is a bit illogical, but 72 pages is, well, SEVENTY TWO PAGES.
I checked my 'art calendar' (because we got one), and it's fundamentally due around the mid August, so that's 7 months. Possibly? Potentially, but I don't think I could hold a single project for that long - note how I constantly draw random shit and random intervals, because I don't have the motivational span to keep to one thing.
There was an "Ask Me Anything" thread on the new Newgrounds Animation forum, where JAZZA (Success Rating: Currently sells DVD's of his animations) was the host, in short, this guy works a basic 9-5 on his animation, 4 days a week. I'm tempted to ask him if he actually has a job, or whether that IS his job.
This was in his thread:

"How do you sit down and animate? Like, I don't know, I lose interest within an hour or two and ultimately get very little done. Just wondering what your main motivation is."

GREAT question. truth be told, i dont like animating. GHASP!!! but i DO like seeing the finished results. working for months drawing over and over is not actually FUN to me, but CREATING something really is. to keep motivated, be inspired, have big idead, goals, specific deadlines and ways of reaching those goals. there are always days where gatting anything started is really difficult, but force yourself to start and it will just flow. if i'm doing animation work thats really repeditive i play music or even movies in the background. sometimes i watch up to 3-4 movies in a working day!

Pretty good. I felt mildly inspired.

Alternatively, I thought, I could do something like 32 pages, or 46, but then I felt that if I did it, I'd look like a giant pussy. And because I'm such a fucking masculine man, I'm probably going to attempt SEVENTY TWO PAGES.

I didnt' know what 72 pages looked like, so I made myself a diagram:

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