Friday, February 26, 2010

Hate On My Arms.

Hey kiddies, as if this blog isn't controversial enough, what with its insatiable lack of penises flopping about like near-stale-fish.

I'm gonna keep this short, because I could go on FO'EVER on this topic.

Hate equals productivity. Hate gets shit done. Hate is what gets you by.
Hate is always there, you fall back on it like a comforting pillow of rejoice. It lets you be consumed in a burning rage, seething only thoughts to aspire to something new, something better than what you were to have been defeated the first time round. Hate allows you to reconstruct yourself off the basis of your mistakes and thus, Hate makes you better.

I'm not going to say one emotion is better than another, but I preach the word in defence of itself; Those mislead to believe hate to be of something of lacking, that hate is something to be untouched, unturned, left in its own self-destructive wake - are fools within themselves. A person who believes that all of life's problems can be solved with a single emotion, the one they call 'Love', are so very mistaken.

To the same extent, "What is a carpenter that only utilises 1 tool when he clearly has hammers?".

All these beings who claim to be "spiritual" and "in close tact with a world of peace", I can only say to them that they are living in a world of lies derived from the 'wants' of humans, rather than the 'needs'. That, if people wanted simply peace in the world without hate, then their world will only exist in fantasy. A world without hate would only result in an obscure, derelict planet of nothing but mindless slaves who've forgotten their purpose in hopes for a what doesn't exist in reality.


Strabo said...

So you're saying that hate is a tool as much as any other - as constructive as destructive? Interesting.

I would argue that you need to define hate more clearly. Do you define it as self-loathing? You seem to when you categorise the want for self-improvement under its heading, yet you say that Buddhist Monks are fucking tools for not hating enough people.

You can have peace at the same time as progress. In fact, it is desired. And both peace and progress can co-exist without killing people, or otherwise hating them. You can even manage both without Love, theoretically.

I want to improve who I am and how I interact with the world, but not out of any petty desire to be better than someone I don't like, but so I can improve the situations of people's lives. Many of those people I've never met, and It'd be creepy if I loved them. I probably wouldn't even LIKE the majority of them, but that's not the point. And, according to economics, if I am successful in life, the money I make will eventually trickle down to other people, making everyone more betterer off than if I just took money off the government all day. No hate involved there. In fact, no love either. Just self-interest with a pathetic sub-clause that makes it alright for me to be a selfish bastard.

I'd say that your idea would make sense if you were more specific. Hate - as you said - has its place in the palette of emotions as much as any other emotion. It's not a hierarchy, and people don't necessarily do things because they love other people any more than the fact that they must to survive.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you are a prime example of the programmed human condition.