Sunday, February 14, 2010

Format Floormat.

At some point of another I wanted to blog using comic type deals to convey my message more easily. I got bored so I tried it.

I like to think my life is pretty awesome because I don't confuddle myself with problems regarding ... well, not myself, hence, why would I need to know them? Even then, most problems in modern society can be avoided by not giving a shit because really, nothing really matters. If you wanted to get all philosoraptor about it, then my scenario would be:
"Someone goes into a room and shoots everybody within it."
Does this matter?
My answer is 'no'.
At the point where you get the same answer as me, then you'll understand what I think.

I thought of this while standing for 2 hours straight waiting to get photos over and done with at lunar new years at my grandpanrents.
It was funnier in my head.

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