Thursday, February 11, 2010


I downed another art program, SAI. Some crazy 2mb Jap program that cost $60.

Warmth Of A Thousand Suns.
I recoloured Thorn using SAI, and it was fucking smooth.

I also did this.

I actually drew the eyes first and was going to put them on some novelty inanimate object like a can of tuna or an eraser, but then yeah, shit happens.

On a side note I'm going to attempt to stop saying faggot - instead I'll probably just use the word bitches, but Bob always uses that word and I'll feel all unoriginal.


Deevan said...

Have I already said that I think there's something strange about the face?
I think it might be the chin/cheek area
Mouth looks a bit strange is all.

Kuoke said...

The face doesn't wrap around the head as it's supposed to. I tried fixing it for about 30 minutes and just decided to leave it because I'm a giant cunt.