Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mr. Literal.

I was tempted to comment "Have you tried dying?", but I think people might have taken that the wrong way.

So I posted it here because I'm a giant pussy.


Strabo said...

What... wrong way was there to take?

Kuoke said...

I'm thinking people would take it "I want you to try and kill your self" when I actually mean "How can you hate living if you don't know what it's like not to live, ie, being dead".

Strabo said...

Oh. I actually didn't think of that one. Yeah fair point; people would probably take it the wrong way.

Also, re that Mr Literal thing: it would have worked much better if the guy was deadpan instead of both of them turning into rubber doll men.

Its like he got bored half way through and said 'Screw it, I may as well animate while totally shitfaced. Actually, both me AND my animated characters will get shitfaced. Because I will draw them shitty ass fucking horrible faces for so called humerous effect.'



BLOSIA said...