Sunday, November 1, 2009


I was thinking, as you do, and I knew I hated someone but I didn't remember why until about 2 seconds ago:

"Hey, I'm going to talk to you for about 2 seconds, hear one word you say and ask you LOOSELY and most probably UNRELATED TO ANYTHING based on that one word or phrase, a question - and while you're either actually answering my stupid stupid question, or questioning the purpose of my stupid stupid question, I'm going phase out - if you don't mind, I know you don't - and think about other things, like, say, how good it would feel to shove an ear of corn up my cunt, and a zucchini up my arse, AT THE SAME TIME.

Then, when I stop leaking from my pussy, I'll turn to you, and completely forget that I was talking to YOU TO BEGIN WITH. FUCK."

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