Monday, November 30, 2009

Conversational Continuum.

I do NOT pursue girls because:

1. Too time consuming. If my parents taught me ANYTHING, it's time management. Time is essentially the religion my family abides by [except my brother, that guys a ginormous cunt], as to the point where most things are decided as to whether time = worth the end result. This entails into how I would say that there would be better things to do than fulfil mine and their emotional needs. Like draw. That is QUITE dickhead-ed, but I can handle lonely, but I couldn't handle a week without exhausting all these ideas out of my head.

2. I cannot handle myself. I would not be able to understand other peoples problems when I can't even keep a track of all my own. I personally don't think I have that many, the voices inside my head and I regularly assure me that my life is pretty good in retrospect but even then, I still can't keep a leash on all those insignificant loose ends and that is what bothers me.

3. I am not a people person. I don't know if it was just my upbringing, or I was born without, but I just can't fully empathise with people on the level which the larger portion of the community would deem as 'normal'.
I just find 'empathy' to be illogical - or, 'emotion' for that matter. The internal workings of someone's mind should not have that much of an impact on their physical and spiritual being. I would honestly have to label these people as weak minded simply because they have no control over theirs.

3.5. I would not consider myself as part of 'society', thus not 'human' you could say. Constantly, I would pace in circles trying to find meaning in my existence [as I believe in the 'everything has a purpose' theory], only to conclude that I am just an empty machine designed to create and create in order to influence the masses from an ominous, 'behind the scenes' type viewpoint.
I would not want to associate myself with the idiocy I see dwelling off the media, slack jawed in their demise.

4. Money. This is debatable, but I would very much like to have 1 less thing to worry about. Just like Forrest Gump.

I do/have like/d girls [what, I'm not a faggot, nor am I asexual. I wouldn't believe it to be remotely possible in humans. What the fuck would the point of having a dick be? Pissing? What a waste.], but the main idea that Stephen and Black Bob tried to strain out of me is that:

5. I. Do. Not. Try.
For those above reasons, and also, I know statistically that I have a high tendency to fail in all my endeavours. I conclude this based on either my brain wiping my mind of all 'happy memories' or me not actually experiencing any at all. Everything I have tried thus far regardless of type of event has failed. Is it depressing to know that all my 'best memories' originate from my dreams? That I actually have to fill that empty void inside of me with figments of imagination to prevent myself from going fucking insane?

In summary:
Time, Money, Emotion = The fundamental requirements for any type of relationship. I do not have any, thus I would fail if I tried - so I don't try.



Bob said...

..but you DO like girls and not just porn right?

Kuoke said...


Bob said...

Well fancy that. Would you believe i read all the topic sentences but somehow managed to skim over the most important one?


Lucas said...

This is too scary because it's almost like it describes me. You do have a valid point though especially with 2, 3 and 3.5