Friday, November 20, 2009

End of the World.

I was going to spontaneously write up, yet again another downward outlook about society.

I don't' know what to write.

I've said it all before, but a race 6 billion weak, where the unobtainable instantly becomes the desirable - kids wanting to be adults, unknowing that as children, they still have the ability to be ignorant of the worlds faults;
An age in which TEN year olds are talking about sex and 'dating'. Destroyed within their own loss of time, they lose touch of what they could/should be, and seem only to reach for trying to be someone else that they're not, trying to excel in things which their 'idols' convey to them on the likes of television, movies, novels even.

And the fallacy of 'everyone being unique' in a world where aspects like fashion and culture are governed by people who, 'supposedly' know exactly what they're talking about, leading a pack of blind followers into the morrows of a race of simple clones;
A blind cult where a persons opinion can so easily influence the masses at a whim. The masses which reach and reach for what they can, and when they are presented with the weakest of things, they grab hold and never let go. Falsely hoping that their object of choice is that of being accepted into a conformist society of weak minded individuals without individuality.

The LIES everyone lives by to just to get by. The fact that the mortality of humans catches onto them, and as opposed to facing the facts, they all turn away and cast their eyes upon their own shadow, wandering in aimless wander until the day they die;
A world where the truth tellers become the shunned - bearers of true light become alienated because their light will burn holes in the layers and layers of lies, built up over time to the extent where people are scared of the world, where the truth of dying because less of a priority than becoming of less being.


Deevan said...

You need to start dreaming about girls again

Kuoke said...


I actually had one where I was staring into ones eyes, but all I could see was a hollow black, but regardless, I wanted to something something...