Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Apparently, not having goals is a sign of depression.
I would call it aimlessness, BUT OH WELL.

I don't understand how people actually become 'poor'. People are able to live on minimum wage through lowering their spending. I constantly see 'reports' (and by that, I would never credit Today Tonight for anything) interviewing people who are apparently 'hit by the financial crisis' to be 'late on their mortgage payments', 'in debt', 'lacking in money to feed their family'.

BUT LO AND BEHOLD, those fuckers have a 50" television set set up in their living rooms.

Wow, when you had the choice between 'food' or 'something you really don't actually need at all most probably', you decided to be a short sighted cunt and and indulge in your ability to watch your most probably tasteless movies.
Fucking douchebags.

I don't understand what could possibly drive anyone to constantly consume and consume - there'd be people who'd state the human condition, where greed drives all -BUT FUCK THAT, how could everyone on the planet be so illogical as to obtain things that they only WANT, as opposed to NEED.

Maybe this is only coming from me because I tried to think of something I wanted to buy, but I couldn't think of anything after I got my tablet. So yeah, I'm pretty much set as long as I have a computer and something to draw with.


wolf said...

hume says that reason is governed by the passions

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fucked up