Sunday, November 22, 2009


Lazy Sundays. Hooray, for lazy Sundays.

To pass my time, oh well you betch'a I plan ahead!.

As opposed to say, finding a new hobby, or perhaps even continue my old hobby-which-I-should-really-continue-but-am-procrastinating-about, I decided to take a seamlessly easy task, and make it remarkably more difficult for myself.

It's like the rubber tyre balls filled with meat they use on tigers to keep them occupied for a while, where I freeze juice or Ribena (and I didn't know it was spelt like that) and spend superfluous amounts of time trying to get it out.

I started at 1230pm and finished an hour later today.

My life is fulfilling.


'End of the World' was supposed to be my thoughts on the movie '2012'.

In a nutshell:
A protagonist which is able to dodge EVERYTHING just in the nick of time. This happens about 20 times a minute - seriously, count it.

Minor characters which get introduced every so often, and while you think 'has that character been introduced yet?', they get killed for, I presume, dramatic effect.

A big Russian guy. With a big Russian accent. And yeah, they DO point it out on numerous occasions.

A guy you sort of want to, and expect to die within the first 10 minutes of him being introduced, but afterwards, they build his character to be a likeable guy - but then he dies anyway.

Oh yeah, an Indian guy warned everyone, but obviously, the Americans save the day - because, they're 'American'. Regardless of how the summit of world leaders was organised, the American president kicks down the door and is like 'Woah, Woah, hold up bitches, we're America, and we got this." - They didn't.


Sidenote, is anyone else's dashboards not updating as frequently as they should be? I have to manually check because it doesn't update for about 5 days.

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Deevan said...

My dashboard is also nonfuctioning, quoc-fox