Thursday, April 1, 2010

There is literally nothing to do...

until 7:30pm tonight. Here's what's on the rocket docket:

7:30 - The Matty John's Show
8:30 - Cougar Town
9:00 - How I Met Your Mother
9:30 - Thank God You're Here
10:30 - Family Guy

And then everybody's in bed by 12 BOOYAH!

ahahaha I got you, this was last week's shows, April Fools. They replaced it all with a movie, The Rock. Way to ruin my holidays.


Kuoke said...

Don't talk shit about The Rock. I mean, Sean Connery AND Nicolas Cage.

Buxton said...

Don't the you mean...Dwayne Johnson?

Kuoke said...

No I mean your dick is in a blender.

genevieve at the disco. said...


gennys account