Friday, April 9, 2010

Broadsword Broadcast.

Did anyone else notice that that guy who host Behind The News on ABC3 (Or any ABC channel) has quite possibly the most annoying voice ever? Like, if you're the host of a television show, you're more than likely going to be speaking for about 70% of the show, and if you sound like Justin Bieber IN THE MIDDLE of puberty, then you should not even have that job, maybe consider having your voice box surgically removed.

I haven't been able to watch channel 9 or GO! for the last month or two, until I fiddled with the wires at the back, and for some reason, as opposed to the antenna being the problem (as I thought it was) it was for some reason the fault of the angle of the wires that only affected the signals of a single station which technically make any sense because if only one station was affected, then the main problem should have been the receiving of the signals, not the rerouting of, as all the signals inevitably routed into the same wire. Just saying.


genvinout said...

i haven't heard abc3 guy, but

is.. eeerrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhh.

Kuoke said...

ABC guy is actually worse. Imagine that voice, with testy pops every second syllable.