Thursday, April 22, 2010


After I finish 'I Against God', 
I'll start to take request if anyone wants me to draw anything for them.

If you actually want an image for something specific, ie, printing, mention it and add specifics if you want, like colour, size, pose, angle, background, etc.

If not, just say something like "Dicks", and I'll draw some "Dicks" for you.

Request by commenting on this blog post.


Ultimate job: Concept artist.
Seriously, draw fantasy shit all day and get paid for it?
The only huge con is that you have to be one of the best and fastest artist ever.
I'm getting there. I estimate I'll max out skill points by the time I'm 22.


genvinout said...

I CALL FIRST DIBS SINCE I ASKED YOU EARLIER TODAY! I kinda had vaguely two ideas in mind;
1. A picture based on the first section of Stephen's short story (,
combined with the feel of this song:
minus the bits about getting wasted, which is in Stephen's story later on. I'd imagine it'd be something vaguely similar to all the ones you've done that depict someone sitting near a body of water, like the one I was gonna print a while ago, which would be sweeto coz they're swell. In terms of sizing, you could probably do it 4x6 inches since I'm too poor to pay for much else other than standard photo printing, but you could make it bigger, for kicks, if you wanted

2. I can't really be bothered typing this all up, but something loosely based around Positive Mental Attitude (, which I know you will love since you're full into optimism and everything.

Hurray Quoc! Alternatively, dicks

katie. said...

hello Quoc,
how about you furry-ise us?

on the other hand, i don't really know how far the whole furry thing goes, so if it's extremely weird, go with the original zoomorphing of us.

OR you could just draw me a mallard duck in a creek.
make it a drake. female animals' colours are less vibrant.

Kuoke said...

Furry isn't always sex, examples: Safe,Safe, Safe,Some Skin.

Should I mention that it actually took me 40 minutes to find 4 images that weren't porn?