Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Whatever tickles my fancy

100 things about me

1. My birthday is on the 22nd of March.
2. I am not a fan of piercings, apart from the ears.
3. You are probably gonna read trivial facts about me rather than deep pretentious shit.
4. I am scared of hobos.
5. I used to be 15kg when I was 7 years old but then I tripled my weight once I was 10.
6. I wouldn't mind living in New York once I'm older, apart from being mugged.
7. I am a warrior from the keyboard clan.
8. 'My favourite sport is cricket.' This is a line that I always use when a teacher asks me for a fact about myself.
9. I enjoy reading biographies, but mostly of sportpeople.
10. Go to 45.
11. Holy shit this is harder than I thought.
12. My favourite youtuber ISN'T mychonny, it is in fact kevjumba.
13. I think the 'Don't judge a book by its cover' metaphor is never true. Heck, its not even true for a real book. If a book cover said 'This story is shit, don't waste your money on me', I doubt many people would buy it.
14. I watch 1-2 episodes of HIMYM every night til i fall asleep.
15. I drink about one can of coke a day or some other sort of soft drink.
16. I do 8.5 hours of tutor a week on a school week but up to 12.5 hours a week during the holidays.
17. I support the Deccan Chargers in the IPL. I doubt anyone who reads this will know who they are.
18. I tend to judge the worse out of the people rather than assume they mean good.
19. I love statistics. I like to analyse patterns and what not in real life as well.
20. On weekends, I'm usually sweating over fantasy football and devote 50% of my time on it.
21. I once tried to give up McDonald's, I failed after 2 weeks.
22. Dressing up in girl clothing is fun. Nah, I'm kidding. It's not as much fun as you think it is.
23. The best way to eat a Mighty Angus burger is to eat half of it, wait until its cold then reheat it and eat it again.
24. I don't eat breakfast or recess and don't have dinner until 9. That means I usually don't eat anything for about 15 hours every day.
25. I have a generic music taste and usually like mainstream songs once they're old.
26. Reality TV is a pissoff.
27. I rarely nap in the afternoon, but if I do then I get really grumpy when I wake up.
28. I am usually never serious unless its a serious occasion or when i promise that I'll do something.
29. I hate people who are two-faced. But who doesn't.
30. Chicken wings are the best.
31. I am allergic to seafood.
32. I used to be a fan of mushrooms but then I hated it now I'm getting back into it. I am also starting to like chili.
33. Coca-Cola > alcohol, any day of the week.
34. I hate smokers with my dad being the only exception.
35. My name used to be Benjamin Do Nguyen. What kind of name would Budon be.
36. I used to think I had some kind of fashion sense, but if I had a chance to revisit year 8 me, I'd tell him to grow up.
37. I had my tonsils taken out when I was 7.
38. I daydream. A lot.
39. I love all American sitcoms not matter how bad they are.
40. I have no problems with homosexuals.
41. I only have one facial expression according to Mr. Geerling
42. Cartoons have been shat on by 3D animation
43. I used to wake up at 7 every Sunday morning to watch cartoons, now I wake up at 7 every Sunday to get ready for tutor.
44. I am Christian, but not a very good one. Although I try.
45. Go to Number 64.
46. Due to school, I tend to watch movies based on their cinematography more often and also notice Newton's Laws of Gravity at every motion.
47. Did you know theres porn for blind people? Where the sex stories are written in braille and pictures are propped up so they can feel the images. Although this is a fact about me.
48. I feel liberated when I drive.
49. Number 4 and 22 are my favourite numbers.
50. I am running out of things to say apart from personal 'deep' shit. haha dipshit.
51. Swearing at unecessary times are my pet peeve.
52. I tend to feel attached to inanimate objects, or I'm just stingy.
53. Green is my favourite colour, orange is a close second.
54. I am poor.
55. Unharmful racism is funny to me.
56. I like to poke fun at myself with exaggerations and untruths but when its true I run to the corner and cry til I sleep. haha see what I did there?
57. I would like to sponsor someone from World Vision when I grow up.
58. We live in a world where the word 'Google' and 'research' are interchangable.
59. I wish I was more artistic.
60. A lot of my facts start of with 'I'
61. I love to sleep because when I sleep I don't have to worry.
62. I fear that automatic doors won't open when I walk closer toward them.
63. iPod or iPad? Comment.
64. Go to 87.
65. I waited for my letter to Hogwarts when I was 11.
66. My nails are receding the more I cut them.
67. I don't hate Justin Bieber and think his songs are quite catchy.
68. I trust people too easily.
69. Yes.
71. I used to be able to do the rubik's cube in 10 minutes...
72. I like quick showers.
73. When something important looms closer I try to avoid it by concentrating on the minor events.
74. I get sad when Australia loses in cricket.
75. I used to play chess for my school in primary.
76. I have a radio alarm clock.
77. I don't like people who are obsessed with self-image.
78. I tend to not hear people properly and have to repeatedly ask them to repeat what they say.
79. I love slapstick humour unless its badly done like BADLY.
80. I give up easily if there was an opportunity to give up.
81. Boredom is common in my life.
82. I love being alone and don't mind being lonely.
83. My student number is 20410116.
84. When I was a kid I used to think that I was a robot.
85. I need to exercise.
86. I am a laugh-slut.
87. Go to 45.
88. I wish I had self-control.
89. I can't stand not being able to understand something completely and will try to comprehend it.
90. Barney Stinson is my idol.
91. It's only 11 and I'm sleepy already. blehs.
92. I don't like dicks going up my ass. I'm just saying.
93. I'm not addicted to COD or WoW. wow.
94. Immaturity keeps me young.
95. I want to be able to cook something decent one day. Not just migoreng.
96. I love maths.
97. The people at shittyrail and bus drivers are faeces.
98. I tend to wear my thongs a lot outside of school.
99. 2 is better than 1.
100. Wow, I am surprised I have finished this 100 things about me.


genvinout said...

i honestly don't know why anyone would buy the fucking iPad. i'm not even exaggerating - unless you're a RIDICULOUS apple freak, the iPad is FUCKING STUPID

Kuoke said...

Yeah I told him that, I lost the chat logs, but it went along the lines of 'if I put my dick in an electric pencil sharperner, it would be smarter than buying the iPad'.

Mabes said...

go ipod! ipad is pretty useless...
laugh-slut? LOL

genvinout said...

i read today in mX that the germans made their rival version of the iPad called the wePad. it has a bigger screen and every other iproduct shits all over the ipad and wepad because they are a fuck a dumb