Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Knocking At My Chamber Door.

I woke at about 730 because my neighbours in a collaborative effort were banging at the door, trying to get my attention. Let me rephrase that. They were trying to wake me up at 730 in the morning, IN THE HOLIDAYS, and they expected me to be awake.

Now I'm a little pissed because I was dreaming that everyone was trying to kill me in a grim themed Hogwarts/HAHS setting. Everything was in a seeming state of despair, and everyone seemed to be against me because I was the protagonist and there was even a little room where I could upgrade my spell set. I chose fire warlock build.
Anyway, there was a point where there was a large door and some bitch in my party goes up to it and is all like "It's not opening", and I'm like, "Move the fuck out of the way bitch", and I touch it and the door swings open. The old woman which for some reason I think was Mrs McGonagall said I was the chosen one, and I said "No, it's just this bitch is STUPID".
So I make my way into a room where the gravity's changed onto its side and the perspective has skewed into nothing, so you couldn't tell if something was right in front of you or in the distance. I make a turn around a corner and see Genvin, Stephen and Robert crouched over a small circle doing some black magic ritual or some shit, and they all turn at me at exactly the same time like in one of those horror movies. Then, all of a sudden, Brendan Byron lunges at my face trying to stab my eyes out because "You're not short enough to be here!", to which I was like, verbatim, "What the fuck, get the fuck off me faggot", then after about 2 seconds, Kevin Bob Prescilla comes in and tries to do the same.

I managed to get out of there but then I woke up.

I was actually quite enjoying that.


Deevan said...

what did your neighbours want?
and I fucking hate when that happened to me, cept with my sister rattling the flyscreen at 3am. I ignored her for about half an hour but got pissed and had to cave in. Bitch.

Kuoke said...

They left just when I got to the door.

Could I have went outside and caught them? Yes, but fuck that.

genvinout said...

"What the fuck, get the fuck off me faggot"

I'm not sure why I found that so funny. Also, that's never happened to me - closest thing was one time I woke up and Dannis was in my room, because apparently we were meant to go somewhere that day, which I had completely forgotten about