Sunday, April 4, 2010

You're A Winner.

People who get offended, go fuck yourselves.

If someone gets offended anything, it's the offendees fault, not the offender. It's like saying, if I ran into the village in... "The Village" wearing all red cause I'm a cunt like that, they can all go ram their dicks up their eye sockets.
The fact that they think the colour red to be bad is a complete fabrication of their own desires to be picky faggots. That is alone, is their problem because what they have in their heads shouldn't be and technically can't be enforced on anyone else unless that person had the same way of thought.

 So before my parents left, they bought me a Lindt chocolate bunny for Easter but now I don't want to eat it because it has a bell collar, like so:

I don't know why, but I'd feel like a dick if I ate it. PSYCHOLOGY.

Title Reference: Sweepstakes - Gorillaz.

This song is awesome. (Gets trippy at 2:20)
There's a bunch of people who say this song is 'poorly composed'. I'm willing to say that they're ill-informed anti musical dipshits.

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Deevan said...

Your parents seem pretty cool