Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Turbo Leopard.

My mum called. Said she bought me a large Asian poster/painting of tigers fighting. Yeah, one of those Asian ones. With tigers.

I'm taking Buxtons MSN and Facebook.
Jokes about Buxtons ability to communicate being diminished.
Shenanigans are to be had. With his accounts.

Dragon Tiger Gate. Asian movie on about a month ago. I was going to blog about how ... it was.
The entire movie can basically summed up in these series of events:
  1. Dragon constantly sitting precariously on high up places. Ie: On the rooftop, At the park in the flashback, Off the balcony.
  2. _Insert awkward emotional scene_ 
  3. When Turbo Tiger explains how he got the scars on his face, his story differentiates upon each telling. Why so serious?
  4. _Insert awkward emotional scene_
  5. Luocha (A girl) getting epically punched in the face with those stylised Asian special effects. Twice. I'm not even joking.
  6. The three main characters dying.
  7. _Insert awkward emotional scene_
  8. The three main characters getting resurrected.
  9. The two major main characters getting a 5 minute montage of how they instantly learnt new abilities and fighting techniques upon being resurrected.
  10. The two major main characters fighting the villain for a solid 10 minutes and then being defeated WHEN they use their super abilities.
  11. _Insert awkward emotional scene_
  12. The third main character who could even be considered a supporting character coming in after the two have been defeated and raping the shit out of the villain meaning that the two other guys didn't even need to be anywhere in the storyline. AT ALL.
A patient lost a testicle during an operation because the surgeon cut it off by mistake, a General Medical Council (GMC) hearing has been told.

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    Bob said...

    Shit. I love that movie.
    Maddest names ever...
    Fucken Turbo Tiger and shit.

    You also forgot how the main characters are long lost brothers. Its a crucial element to the movie.