Sunday, April 11, 2010

Times New Roman.

Guess Who.

I originally had a more leafy sea dragon type idea for a redux of Ariel, where the leaves would serve as a dress type deal, but I changed it as I was drawing it. 

Basic idea was to do a more realistic 'fishlike, sea adapted' mermaid and a 'what if Ariel stayed under the ocean, like she should have?' - I assume she would have became some sort of heir to Triton (despite her being the youngest of the 7), hence her wielding Tritons crown and trident.

Additions to the background will include ships and shit getting blown up because it would be what Ariel would do after being rejected by a land dweller.

I might do a future of Beauty and the Beast - 'what if the beast stayed that way upon resurrection and everybody still wanted to kill him? - Because that would have an awesome ending. You could throw in some Romeo and Juliet shit right there.'

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