Friday, April 16, 2010

A Magical Wizard Appears!

And he proposes to you a question!:
If he were to transform your consciousness into another body the opposite gender of your original self, would you have sex with yourself?

I totally would.


Deevan said...

Robert Downey, Jr. is IRON MAN in IRONMAN 2, who faces off his mortal nemesis, IRON-DEFICIENCY MAN (Genvin In, stupid vegetarian)

Kuoke said...

I thought it was actually really hard for males to get iron deficiency.

Strabo said...

My iron isn't deficient.

And as for the post, I think that every person on earth (who isn't a nun) would do themselves if inexplicably cloned and gender-swapped.

Kuoke said...

I know a bunch of people that wouldn't.