Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Against God.

I think the composition is a bit overdone.

Things I didn't blog because I was rushing artwork above:

Neighbours actually hired a jumping castle for their 3 year old daughter's birthday. I was going to take a picture of it from my window, but then I thought that they might think I'm sort of sexual predator.

Beat Hazard:

EDIT: Changed video. This video is awesome.
It is awesome.
But don't play it if you get seizures.
Because it's THAT awesome.

My brother tried to cook porridge.
Ended in 10 cups of failure.
I don't get it, every meal he eats/cooks he manages to use to use half of the cutlery/dishes. Combined with his inability to wash dishes, you're got your self a concoction of cocks.
He managed to waste about 2 litres, or ALL of the milk just as I was thinking "Mmm, I could really go for some Milo cereal right now!". I ended up just eating spoonfuls of Milo powder.
I wash his dishes when he takes a shower. He decided to get back at me by doing the same, but he was washing his dishes, so I'm not sure who lost here.

I blogged about an uncle that lived in someone else's garage sometime early last year (I can't find the actual post), y'know, the one that went to Vietnam and married a girl in her teens about 20 years younger than him and as result got herself into a money problem involving gambling with gangs in Cabramatta because in reality all she wanted out of the marriage was to get out of Vietnam, but even so bore a child for this man who actually has the inability to take care of himself. He's a taxi driver. That guy.
Well he called me to see how I was going. I was tempted to tell him to fuck off and it should me asking him how HE was doing. Seriously, he repeatedly asked me the same questions which I answered, not to mention I had to say "Alan" 5 times for him to understand whether it was me or my brother on the phone. He asked me if I had eaten dinner and whether I bought it or heated it up. I answered with "I cooked it" and he was wildly bewildered that I had more life skills than he did.
This is the first time he's called since my parents left, trying to be all in, and making people think he gives a shit. Fucking wanker. Go back to your garage-- oh wait, I mean, someone else's garage.

Starting on Genvins request on Stephens short story.

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