Friday, April 30, 2010

One Per Customer.

Just paid the guy at ThinkTees to send me the sample hoodie. Should arrive in about a week. Then we'll bust down Norris's door and be like "What up bitch face?"

Other stuff:
  • Pretty sure design 2 won - some people said that they won't buy if this happened, but fuck them in the ass hole region.
  • Probably going to change the 'Hurlstone Agricultural' font, as requested by some people.
  • About 80+ people. If we sheerly wanted to get more numbers, we could buy novelty ones using the profit money for say, ex-HAHS, Norris, siblings etc.
  • Alternatively, we could get a bunch of alternate coloured ones for ourselves if we wanted to buy two for some reason. (I still have to ask him whether we can order differing coloured hoodies.)

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