Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Have A Ragga Break.

I just got mail from the School saying that I have to redo the art exam because they were stupid enough to give us the year 11 one ... as opposed the year 12 one. Because we're in Year 12, it would be incorrect for us to do the year 11 one. On that note, I think the year 11 art class are faggots. And by think, I don't mean, "It's in my head that...", I mean, "I'm assuming they're all a bunch of homosexuals".

Art exam is rescheduled for week 1, and I would very much rather them just mark the year 11 one and give us some sort of reduced average, because, Art is easy as shit, but when you're doing the exam, it's like doing a 10 unit maths exam with TWO studded dildos (sized 20 inches in length, 7 in girth) attached to jack hammers going through your chair into your arse - So yeah, it's not hard, it's just fucking annoying, like it would be with jack hammers going into your arse.

On a related note, the confirmed worlds largest dick is 9 inches flacid, 13.5 erect. 
(No real images of the actual cock in question, but there's a link to one if you want to go that far.)

Have A Ragga Break.

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