Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mythos Diemos.

QUICK, I NEED SOME MORE MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURES THAT WOULD BE IN GODS ARMY. I was gonna put unicorns in but I was thinking that they would basically be Pegasuses with horns.

The original idea was having all ghouls and snakes and chimeras going at him, but that would... actually be a lot more awesome, butt FUCK.


ishraq said...

Kuoke said...

That doesn't even look like it should be able to stand upright.

Strabo said...

Direct from the source, as delivered by the incomparible Thunderf00t (who is much better when he's just behind a microphone instead of camwhoring himself.)

Strabo said...

In summary, God's throne has a rainbow behind it plus twenty-four crowned and robed fanboys constantly shouting praise, while lightning plays around the four torches at the base of his throne. This display of light and power is reflected off the sea of glass nearby, and in the multitudinous glittering eyes of the four living beasts that guard him.

Only one is described in depth, which is a six-winged lion filled with eyes. Just... watch the video, trust me.

Not being anti-religious or anything, but religions are frigging hilarious.

Kuoke said...

...Yeah I just skipped to the part with the really poorly photoshopped creature.

I looked into it, apparently they're referring to the Seraph, which are supposed to be humanoid unless you're talking about Seref's which are Eagle/Lion crossovers.

It doesn't look that stupid if you added a dash of dragon into it.

Although they eyes all over, I interpreted as continuing from the 'having 6 wings' line. Sort of like this awesome design in Hellboy 2:
Like so and so.