Friday, April 2, 2010

Back Burner.

If for some magical reason you need it bigger or colour changed, just ask.

Katie's Rabbits.
So yeah, let me know if you want colour specifics, file, format, size, etc.
[Fixed some things]

Currently on the back burner:
  • Stephen's Paraplegic-Superhero-with-one-Really-really-really-strong-arm. I got the image in my mind, I just need to get it down on digital paper.
  • SummerBoy. Line work's almost done. I expect less than 2 days.
  • Animal representation thing maybe? If I'm still doing that.
  • HSC BoW. It was in my schedule. But FUCK.

While I'm here, I'm gonna say that I'm possibly buying shoes from this place sometime soon. Shipping is a bitch, but less of one if it was split.


    genvinout said...

    quoc, you rule so hard. also, dannis, roderick and kevin got their shoes from their maybe a year or two ago, they combined. maybe you should ask if they wanna split again? or maybe bruxton needs new cortez's, or something.

    also, any chance you could make them rabbits bigger? YOU DONT HAVE TO, I'D CERTAINLY LIKE TO SEE STEPHEN'S PARAPLEGIC AND SUMMEROY TOO

    genvinout said...

    *got their shoes from THERE

    katie. said...

    aw man!
    how exciting.
    i don't know anything about format/size.
    maybe something that's suited for poster-size.

    thank you, Quoc.

    Kuoke said...

    Buxton said he might buy a pair, but yeah.

    I have in it vector so it can be infinitely big.

    Kuoke said...

    Added link.


    Or if you can't be bothered:
    Click here.