Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lake Of RAGE.

So far I've lost about 3 hours of game play due to the Soul Silver rom's anti piracy protection of crashing every 20 minutes and even crashing in the middle of the 'Saving..., do not turn off' which leads to save file corruption. Funnily enough, because I backed up my files yesterday because of the virus, I didn't lose as much as I would have if I didn't get a virus.

Whoopty doo.

Meanwhile, I was attempting to buy a Penicorn (or multiple, because it would be amusing to pile them on top of each other) from the NG store, but then I remembered that they only accept credit cards.
 Maybe if I had the money (and the 'give a shit'ness), I'd fill a room full of Penicorns. Would that not be the best thing ever? Like, literally speaking. You'd walk in and it'd be like, BAM Penicorns in your face.

Ariel image is almost done, just need to add the frilly stuff between the human and fish part, then the background of a bunch of sailors drowning.

I still need to read that book for English. I wouldn't say I had the time seeing as how I'm drawing in the day, along side cooking and cleaning for my living-inept brother, and watching the magical hilarities that are Letterman at night. Do people still make audio book cassettes?

Overused Subbed Anime word of the day : "Bothersome".
Seriously, first couple of seasons of Naruto, Shikamaru always going on about every little thing smaller than his dick being 'bothersome'. HARDEN THE FUCK UP AND GET A BETTER VOCAB.
Adjectives: annoying, troublesome, tiresome, irksome, pesky, vexatious, tedious, plaguy.


dannwas said...

I'm playing it on DS with no freezes.
I activated the cheat code so i can play as the red gyarados, pretty sweet.
When you activate the bike, theres no sprite for it so the gyarados just shakes up and down really quick

genvinout said...

in the version I watched, he used troublesome