Thursday, September 3, 2009

Immaculate Cruxifiction.

I spy
with my third eye,
the fate of few,
the same crew,
the polarisation,
access to poverty,
human manufactured reality.
Is our love only pain in Sin City?
People getting high on inequity.
Bankrupt frustrations in this global neighbourhood,
what's good is bad and what's bad is good.
Sometimes I feel like a sheep amongst the wolves.
Jungle rules, is the code of conduct -
No sitting on the fence,

you can be servin' to masses,
Who do you represent? :
The few?
Or the masses?
City of the Sinful (2:30) - Juno Reactor

I'm experimenting with colouring...and stuff. I don't know.
I might rework it later to make it looks as epic as it does in my head.

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