Saturday, April 4, 2009

Far im back.

havent blogged in ages seems like quocs doing all the blogging. im gonna keep this one short coz leh gotta study for maths. but after billy cai put it into perspective. it doesnt really count to anything at all. like if i pass or fail or dont do it, its not gonna affect my UAI at all unless im gonna like repeat 2 unit maths again then gg it coz ive done it before.

anyways. i didnt sit with lisa today coz leh didnt feel like it. well for some reason physics tutor seems to take longer than chem. like noticeably. maybe its coz theres less people in physics class thus there are less gravitational pull in the classroom and with less gravitional pull so time is not distorted as much letting chemistry seem like its shorter. nah doubt that.

but yeah. gonna make a cwalk video real soon like mid next week. coz yeah or ill make one in Cairns which is where im going to on thursday and back to syd on monday. if not ill make one after half yearlies.


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Kuoke said...

Damn straight I've been filling in for you.