Wednesday, April 15, 2009

People say I have the body of a God...

...too bad its Buddha.

Why are Asians the bottom of the chain in everything. Small dick, flat chest, shit boy bands and so on. All we have is countries such as China and India about to take over as leading countries of the world, mad technology and mi goreng. And we all seem to own at maths and not do so well in anything other than maths, all sciences and economics.

and the chain for chicks preference is black guy > white guys = hispanics >Asians > Indians. oh snap.

yeah so why do all the girls have flat chests? is it genes or are they just late bloomers. can someone explain?

too explain why us men have small dicks its cause of what we eat aka rice and non-meat products. i did not just totally googled to find the answer at all.



Kuoke said...

Cause big tits and big dicks got in the way of all of our ninja-ism.
And big tits look weird on Asians anyway.

Deevan said...

At least we're not Japanese.
I'm not even into massive tits anyway.

genvinout said...