Sunday, July 4, 2010

10411-Bit Steppa.

In relation to my last post, here's an obligatory games post - because I know the people that read my blogs are into games and shit.

So I basically bought my first legitimate game (excluding that time I bought Overboard from the bargain bin when I was 10ish. The game was fucking hard for an 10 year old.) when I got L4D2 on sale. Then I bought Shatter this afternoon and beat it in under 2 hours. 10 dollars well spent. I'm being sarcastic, the replay value is - I wouldn't say bad, but fairly dismal. Though I would say, I would have bought the soundtrack for a 20 dollars, because it is that fucking awesome.

I swear a portion of the bass line was taken from another retro game which I can't put my finger on and would require solid 20 minutes to remember.

Ok, after 20 magical minutes where you don't have to wait because this is internet, I'm probably wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's from Space Invaders.
Ok, I heard it again, and it was RIGHT THERE (And by that, I mean, in my mind).
OKAY FUCK YOU, MS PINBALL. Not exactly the same, but very similar.

TL;DR : I hand in some percentage of my Pirate license. Also, this music is awesome. I should be working on BOW.


genvinout said...

BOW? weren't you a priest?

Kuoke said...

Actually do not understand.

genvinout said...

blessing of wisdom