Saturday, July 17, 2010

Knock Knock.

After watching Arahan - which in a nut shell, was Korean gibberish, muddled with a 10 whales of "What the fuck is going on here??", Red Dwarf and Zoo Days, I went to sleep at 3am.

So at 9am, someone calls and supposedly, it's for me. For one, I think only one person knows my home number, because I'm like L or Charlie or some shit. And when my brother picks up the phone, he 'hands it to me' by putting it on the floor outside my door, walking way and then yelling 'phone call'. Apart from the fact that, I don't know who the fuck you were directing that at, I was still in my room half sleeping, so you could have been saying that because you have some sort of disposition towards callings of the phone, when you should have specifically directed that I had a phone call you non-assertive twit.

I missed the call, but apparently it was from a guy called 'Dave'. Who the fuck is Dave?

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