Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Skywalker.

(12:47:21 PM) Buxton: WHY DIDNT YOU GET 17 BEFORE
(12:47:25 PM) Buxton: wouldve pulled off that joke
(12:47:27 PM) Buxton: so bad
(12:47:37 PM) quoc.: becvause i'm too fuckin good.
(12:47:41 PM) Buxton: lol
(12:47:41 PM) quoc.: rip that engilsh shit up
(12:47:44 PM) Buxton: all unplanned
(12:48:00 PM) Buxton: just make shit up on the spot
(12:48:00 PM) quoc.: fuck studying bro, plans are for pussies.

Iterate, plans keep you fuckin in your mind set from mind sets ages ago, so fuck plans, fight or flight mother fuckers. Plans are what you wanted weeks, years ago so fuck that, life's about what you want right now and what you're gonna fuckin do to get it.

Fuck, keep that in the back of your minds next time you fuckin around with shit you wanna do later down the road cause shit changes, that's life. Don't bother swappin bullets when that shit ain't even there.

Mandate of Seven.

Aight, peace.
I'm not being serious.

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