Monday, February 14, 2011



Months ago, I believe I linked or mentioned a game that came with an extra peripheral specifically so your girlfriend could enjoy herself and more so the more successful you were at the game - If I didn't, here's a short (alternatively, just go to the link at the bottom of this post.):

Everyone knows Audiosurf right?, Well imagine that instead of the the thumping music affecting the road, it'd would affect the vibrating peripheral that came with it. (For your girlfriend, should you be into these weird ass Japanese games and have a girlfriend in the first place.)

[There are videos of it on Youtube. It only uses the controller rumble, so it's actually not that satisfying at all. You might have better luck on the washing machine.]

Anyway, another game is coming out and they were like "fuck subtly" and are actually marketing it as a vibrator this time round.


You can watch the trailer. I did. I didn't understand what the game was about or even that they were marketing ANYTHING.

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