Monday, February 7, 2011

Post That Isn't Links.

Double entrendre depressing Valentines coming up.

Minecraft SMP:
Seeing as how you actually need a dedicated host for a static IP, I'm changing it to a Hamachi based system so the server will be based on that. Server name is 'MCSMP' - if there's a password, it's either 'quoc' or 'minecraft'.

Blog substance:
I used to look forward to dreams, they were the only place I could get away from all this shit. Now the sanctum has been breached and I am dreaming about things I regret constantly in my awakened state. 24 hours of complete and utter shit.


Bob said...

Hey sasquocktch, wouldnt happen to know the data usage thingy per hour for minecraft multiplayer would you?

Kuoke said...

I looked it it and I can't get a straight answer because generally multiplayer games are literally <10mb/hour but the way Minecraft is set up, people are saying that everytime the world generates a new part of the world it has to send them to the connecting players which can escalate it higher.

I'd personally guess something <20mb/hour.

Kuoke said...

Wait do you mean hosting or joining? Cause it also depends on how many people are joined cause if you're hosting it for say 10 people going in different directions of randomly generated terrain, it could easily go to gigabytes of data having to parse through the main server and then back the other players.