Monday, February 7, 2011


In response to "You know what really grinds my gears?". @ brendanbyron.tumblr.
(Because I am never using my tumblr to reblog anyone.)

I was going to write many words on a rebuttal. I will point form it instead.
  • You basically answered your own question in saying - the people who believe their lives to be meaningless are those who you just asked.
  • Life is held by more than just one person so in your saying that you find your perception of life meaningful doesn't make it magically apply for everyone else.
  • To say life is meaningful is the equivalent of saying it's meaningless - both opinions are equal weighted, though through Facebook comments, it's as if meaninglessness is a bad thing - That is invalid. There is no such thing as good and bad because it is subjective.
This is all irrelevant, just go to the link at the bottom and you'll get the idea.

 I've been sitting on this for a while and this seems as fitting a time as any:
The meaning of life is to die. End of story. Whatever you do in between point A and point B is up to you.
There is no way to 'waste' time - to even judge that you would have to consider what it is to 'use time'.
There is no way to say that doing one activity is more 'beneficial' than another because everything and everyone is equal.
There is no way to legitimately justify one thing being more important than another, it is subjective.
Everyone and everything is equally insignificant. On a side note, whoever the fuck said incuriousity was a sin can go eat a dick because greed for knowledge is a primitive ploy. To say that thirst for knowledge was a good thing - well I can only say that the previous and the first points come into play. It doesn't matter what you do in your free time because it is all the same thing.
You cannot change the world, only its way of thinking - but is this even worth changing?
The collective want something better - but there is no such thing as better. There is a arguable 'quality of life' that comes into play - but it is illogical because they impose some sort of importance, that their lives are actually of use, that by being alive longer can actually do something.
Happiness is arguable. But to believe that life was made for happiness is illogical. Life was made for suffering. If happiness was the implied meaning then it would've been easier to obtain - you wouldn't have all these people in the streets complaining about how incredibly lack lustre their lives are - but this is only because they believe that happiness should always be. Fact of the matter is that a journey must be made to achieve happiness - it's just that happiness derives from achieving wants - wants manifest infinitely yet people still believe they can live in it indefinitely?
The last paragraph should be disregarded because I don't' understand happiness. Does being with other people trigger some sort of positive spiritual influx of energy between the partaking parties? I do not understand.

This world is full of idiots and I hate living in it because idiots allow other idiots to hold some sort of artificial power over other idiots. It is full of idiots who since the dawn of mankind have been doing one, and ONLY ONE thing for the entirely of their existence - DEFINING, AND CATEGORISING.

I may have linked this before, but this is a fantastical, brilliant game that basically encompasses everything: LOOMING.

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