Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Ok so I might have been wrong about the trains BUT FUCK THEY SAID THERE WAS TRACK WORK ON THAT LINE. That and Jana was complaining about trackwork on 'her line' on the day of Country Fair? Or something vague like that, I'm not a pro facebook stalker like SOME PEOPLE WHO I SHARE THIS BLAG WITH.
So obviously the smartest thing to do was to jump to a conclusion. ...And then tell everyone about it. OH WELL.

On the site it says 'Trackwork on South Line' (Granville > Glenfield), but then when you actually read it it says that only one stop -that I don't think anyone's even been at- won't be stopped at?

Brendan Byron told me it was illogical because buses are basically trains but they're on the road. To which I told him that Australia requires more monorails - They're like trains, but in the air.


Yeah, I thought so.
I only had a chance to skim and recon that shit for about 4 minutes yesterday, I must've missed this tidbit of information:
"South Line trains will not stop at Ashfield. Buses replace Inner West Line trains. Please refer to the Inner West Line section of the website for further information."
That's IT. That's ALL that happened.

...Yeah, had to correct myself. Because, I'm a cunt like that. Now I have to go and tell all those bastards that I've beseeched the wrong information onto. Humbug.
Every time I remember regret doing something I dig my teeth into the tip of my tongue because it's less obvious than hitting my head against something. Then on Monday I started to remember an entire chain-link of regrets and since then my tongue has been trying to repair itself because I can feel some sort of hard, stinging bump which I've guessing is an overturned tastebud.

We need some of that Eternal sunshine on the spotless mind shit right here.


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Buxton said...

a tram is like a train on the road. Buses are just bleh.