Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hurlstone Pride

4 Days work aprrox.
Still need to do eco essay, art essay and snr science research task.

Go check out the physically real version of the Shove It shirt on Smegdog.
(Design has changed slightly since Genvin testing transfer paper)

They should be around 9$ which is pretty much peanuts. But then again, I guess it might have something to do with the fact they aren't the best quality in the world, BUT BUY THEM ANYWAY.
I'm not sure about the whole selling process - Genvin's probably in charge of that - but they might be on sale at Country Fair. ...But I was thinking wouldn't we need to talk to someone about that first? Unless we just walk around with a box of shirts - Which I'm guessing is what we're actually going to do.

This blag needs more content, so here's some 'process & planning / behind the scenes' type stuff:

Less paranoid about PS crashing.
There's also the image which it was supposed to based off.

"PRO PATRIA 8.psd"

Serenity on tonight. Could be doing my assignments, but FUCK THAT.


genvinout said...

yeah i'm gonna walk around with my sisters country road bag with some shirts. i'm not even kidding

Buxton said...

selling them for 10 bucks?

Deevan said...

That's a really skinny pig

genvinout said...

buy one buxtass

Kuoke said...

Wild pigs don't come anywhere near as large in size as they do when they're bred for farming purposes. I would know, I've watched the Attinborough episode of pigs.

Buxton said...

But our school don't have wild pigs.

Kuoke said...

1. It's 'doesn't'.
2. It's not skinny.

Buxton said...

to-may-to to-ma-to. not really but yeah.