Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where art thou Anonymous?

what a sissy title.

So i pondered for a few minutes in the last few days as to who is anonymous, more like annoynymous...
Anyways whoever you are show yourself, with your deep and meaningful (DnM) comments.
Oh and are you a guy? im pretty sure youre a guy. belleh.

Yeah thats pretty much it, and my arms are effing sore from boxing today, ironically it wasnt from punching but from holding the mitts. i am fit.

I cant be deep like quoc and with all his drawings but CWALK VIDEO SOON.


Kuoke said...


ishraq said...

For fuck's sake, it isn't me.

through.rains.and.smiles. said...

.. O_O wow, ishraq took it pretty hard..

BEN you sound so.. ANNOYED with this! man, you dont sound like this in real life. >>" hahaha

another side of you.

Buxton said...

i didnt really wanna come across as annoyed. and i dont think its ishraq