Friday, August 21, 2009

Point Full.

Going to Pauls Warehouse proved useful today. My being there did something. Wasn't full tired afterwards.

So we were talking about dreams to day and I recounted the one where I was being chased my the reaper and to escape his grasp I jumped off a cliff? It seems logical. Anyway, Katie asked what my reaper looked like and I only had a vague memory of it - so in maths I decided to delve into my mental Rolodex and draw it.

It's the basic basis of the grim, but in the dream, it had a smoky body with spider-leg-like appendages which also spread out to form a bi-wing which also had the claw type figures.

I've had multiple dreams including this one reoccurring in the same deserted wasteland of depravity. Luckily for me, this is where a majority of my inspiration comes from. Fun fact.



Buxton said...

dont you mean you saw a...dementor?

Kuoke said...

They're not the same.