Saturday, June 19, 2010


My father decided to make a metal frame for poster that's been under my bed for last month.
I assume it was made from scraps in his factory.
Hinges: Fuck yeah.


dannwas said...

also, what course are you hoping to get into for uni?

Kuoke said...

I haven't checked what courses there are probably because I don't plan on going.

Now I just feel obliged to go because about 10 people have asked me in the last week.
Some people told me about art colleges and stuff, but I still don't get what those are.

IN SHORT: I have no idea what education-ary stuff there is after HSC.

dannwas said...

Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication:
The Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication emphasises creativity, innovation and
communication in the analysis and visualisation of ideas and information through print, screen
and interactive multimedia technologies. Students are encouraged to develop their own creative
abilities and to be aware of the broader cultural, social and political impact of their design work.

That's 93.7 at UTS

Kuoke said...

Oh, I think Saarthak mentioned it to me in business.
I looked into it, it seems 'alright', but I'm probably being picky in that, if I could draw all day and get paid a liveable amount for it, I'd do that regardless of the salary.
But yeah, that's if I actually decide to go somewhere after hsc.

Also, 93.7. Possible.