Monday, June 7, 2010

Japan, Japan!

Don't you hate people that sit next to you in senior science and constantly direct Japanese phrases at you despite them not being Japanese or even doing Japanese as a language subject, but getting all the phrases from Naruto? And then when they hit you for accusing them of being addicted to games and uses counters the accusation with accusing you of being in possession of that addiction when you actually aren't?

Except for maybe soon, if Saarto manages to compile a list of classic multi-player games from the 90s [so that Rod's comp can run them I think...] so we can LAN this shit up and tear shit down.

Seriously, 90s was the DECADE of gaming. Back when you didn't have to care about 'factors of reality' and all that shit - when the most important and possibly most skilful thing a gamer could do was time his jump to land on the next platform - THAT WAS THE SHIT, ACTUALLY BEING SERIOUS AS DICKS IN A CAN.

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genvinout said...

dicks in a can made me laugh