Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Light Bulbs.

And now for another segment of:

"Things that don't exist in real life but exist in my head because I want them then some multi billion dollar company will telepathically steal my idea and make millions."

A laser pointer which projected the image of a computer mouse cursor.
Would that not be awesome? For shits and giggles, there should be a button on it which switched it to the 'finger selecting' cursor and possibly the 'loading hourglass'.

Also I just though of stickers which had the 'Like' button from Facebook on them.
Though I hate Facebook, the idea would be to stick them on stuff. Because they're stickers.

Large Googly Eyes.
By large, I mean larger than those pissy small ones for craft and stuff.
If I ever became some sort of vigilante artist like Banksy, instead of spray painting stuff, I'd run around the city at night and stick a pair of eyes onto inanimate objects to make the entire city look like a stupid kids show.


Deevan said...


Kuoke said...

I'd prefer stickers because stamps are gay and homosexual.

katie. said...

about the googly eyes, how large did you mean? like metres long?

what about several-kilometre-long eyes?
we could lay them out in central australia
and look at them from space?

Kuoke said...

I think we'd scare away the aliens.