Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just Aside.

I turned on the stove to 3/4 heat, and ran up to check blogs/tumblrs etc. quickly because I'm a dick and I load them all every 5 minutes.

So I come back down and my dad's filddling with the nobs (lololol) and I'm like "What the fuck are you doing?", and he's like:


You could probably guess my reaction, but here it is anyway: "It's a stove, it's meant to be hot. The heat induces the cooking process because it's a stove." - said whilst trying to contain every bit of rage in my politically correctness-ness-esque-ness.

Then at the dinner table, my mum inspects what I've cooked and she's like "Did you cook this?" And I'm like "Yeah", and she's like "IS IT RAW?", AND I'M LIKE, "HOW CAN YOU COOK IT AND HAVE IT COOKED AND BE RAW AT THE SAME TIME. DON'T QUESTION MY ABILITIES YOU."

Anyway, today The Gip was contemplating somewhere to stick a Eco poster and Daria's like "Why don't you stick it on the roof?". Then there was silence. And then I blurted out "You mean the ceiling. The roof is on top of the building and the ceiling is what's on top of the walls." And then Gippel makes some scoffing noise but I'm still not sure who it was directed at.


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dannwas said...

Hahaha Mr Gippel.
You never know whether or not he's being a dickhead