Saturday, June 26, 2010

Red Brick Buildings.

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[lyrics the image is based off and called]

Drumroll. Dunununununununununu:

This post's image - 
Nieve and Cook - Chronic Intoxication - 
"Be So High I Could Soar"

Radiohead - The National Anthem - 
"Everyone's got the fear"

Radiohead - In Limbo - 
"I'm lost at sea"

Radiohead - Live In A Glasshouse - 
"A strange mistake to make"

Radiohead - Pyramid Song - 
"I jumped into the river, what did I see?"


dannwas said...

Love it

Helen said...

hi, sorry if it's a bit weird for me to read your blog and everything, but i've been thinking about these drawings for about a day now. i knew what they meant superficially without really understanding, but i think i get them now that i've stopped thinking. that's all.

Kuoke said...

Nah it's fine.

Thinking is always a bad idea.